Monday, May 23, 2011

Not raining on my parade!

What a manic but productive Monday! So much going on and it's all good: start of Fall 2011 press season, fashion night out brainstorming, prepping for a very late holiday shoot on Thursday, and my birthday on Friday which I have no clue what I am doing for once.

Midst of this as everyone in the east coast knows it's RAINING, Sunday was cold and Saturday was beautiful. So Monday, I decided despite the weather being schizophrenic, I'm going switch my winter clothes to spring summer!

I already had some spring up, from my personal order from Qi. Happy to say there isn't that much I want to get for spring/summer (Fall is more my season!) just the following:

A new denim jacket
Denim Pencil Skirt

My new obsession is maxi skirts/dresses, I got a great deal on a maxi dress on (I will wear for a post later on this week) For spring/summer, I plan on getting these:

Helmut Lang

Alice & Olivia-I have so many stripe tops this would be a great way to dress them up

I am trying to kick up my accessories game, I worship Pamela Love jewelry and plan on getting the Tribal Spike Cuff so I love the color because I can wear it in the fall too:

Moveslightly DIY bracelets

I am also going to get into more color, I tend to go with black, grays, blues, and neutrals. Planning on getting some layering tees in yellow and pink :)

How is everyone else coping with the rainy weather?


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Loving some Thor

Saw Thor last Sunday and let me tell you guys, this is a kick ass movie! I was skeptical about it only because Summer 11 moving season seems to be Superhero overkill (Not digging Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, and the trailer for X-Men First class looks like a mess). I love my comic books but some movies (i.e Fantastic Four casting Jessica Alba) make you go hmm, what the hell were they thinking.

Thankfully there is hope, Thor besides the special effects and the direction of Kenneth Branagh (who knew right?) works because it is funny! Yes, I said it funny, I also liked how they tied in the Avengers subplot (did you guys see the cameo by Hawkeye?)

Seeing the movie made me want to get back into card collecting again, I used to do it when I was 10 years old. And I am happy that I work a block away from Midtown Comics on 38th! First trading card set I get will be Thor for sure!

P.S-I will be writing more often :)