Monday, April 23, 2012

Blame It On The Rain

How was the weekend for everyone? Mines was great starting off Friday with awesome friend's (flip cup anyone?) and celebrating my mom's birthday on Saturday. A very busy weekend indeed!

My initial shoot was rained out :( 

Me being the determined gal that I am, I decided to brave the elements (thanks mom for taking the pics):

Muubaa Leather Jacket
Ainsley Top, Lovers + Friend's flower chiffon skirt, Nine West Peep Toe Shoe

Rain or or no rain, I'll shine! Can't wait to snap pictures when the weather is nicer! Stay tuned guys and thank you for all your support!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Room to Grow

I'm putting the petal to the metal for the next outfit post he he, pics on Monday!

I feel more inspired/more creative than ever before! I know a lot of it comes from letting go my fear of failure. I wanted to share this quote with all of you:


Have a great weekend guys!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avenger Tuesdays: Volume 2

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nightie Night

Having a secret identity was rough in the past. 

For example, Lois Lane’s forever trying to out Clark Kent. Diana Prince  aka Wonder-woman constantly has to worry about stodgy military types. And Batman never knows when a scorned Catwoman was going to blow his cover as Bruce Wayne.

Good thing in 2012, I don't have it so bad...... I'm a tomboy with a feminine side who is into her fashion, scifi, comic books, and old skool video games. I also have a thing for intimates too (GASP! Yes I do!) . 

I just snagged the following from Victoria's Secret last week. I think you guys would agree each set is perfect for my dual identities:

Satin and lace babydoll set

Satin leopard romper (unfortunately sold out guys) 

As you can see, what stays constant with me with intimates is lace!


Friday, April 13, 2012

The Underdog Staple for Spring 2012: The knit dress

I'm sure everyone is seeing online articles such as "The Top 20 Staples for Spring" and the following is covered: a stripe top, a maxi skirt, an oxford shoe.

These items are all great and a must-have... How about we change the game this season? 

Do it with a knit dress as I:
Diana Wrap Dress-Ainsley, Shoe-Nine West Peeptoe, Bracelet-David Yurman, Necklace Ginette NYC
A few are left at 

Here are a few more knit dresses worth the investment this season, they will carry you to mid-September!
Sheer Knit Dress-Forever 21
Isabella Stripe Dress-Mink Pink
Club Monaco Morgan Knit Dress
Karina Grimaldi-Florence Wrap Dress
I found my underdog staple this spring! What is yours?


Monday, April 9, 2012

Avengers Assemble!

Hey guys

Every tuesday till The Avengers movie release will be dedicated to The Avengers:)

The trailer is MAJOR

I have been a fan of the Avengers since I was a child since my brothers would let me read their comic books. The products that I will be highlighting will be from I never get tired of this site, members who sell their products on Esty are so talented!

The products on Esty that feature the Avengers, (there are dozens FYI) shows the real essence of what a true FAN is.

The first product I'm highlighting is for gals & gals from Esty seller Fanboy:

Second item is for the gals from seller: BajuesBest, I'm getting this end of the week as I have been in search of a denim vest. Why not incorporate my love for comic books? I love this one the most because it does include Wolverine (some of you put whim with X-men but he is now with the Avengers)

Side-note, if anyone is looking for a new read, pick up Avengers vs. Xmen, you can buy at the a comic book store or download on the Marvel app.

As a fan of both Avengers & Xmen it is a great read, but I have to admit I feel like I am in a weird love triangle of who exactly to root for (spoiler: Phoenix is making a comeback)

See you next Tuesday! Avengers Assemble!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jump for Joy

Jumpsuits always made me think of Elivis or vintage JLo (seriously remember the denim jumpsuit and the Timberland high heels smh bad fashion) I would flashback to the celebrity-impersonator classmates who roamed the my high school/college halls in bedazzled one-piece wonders.

I found my happy medium with this jumpsuit
(From Marshall's! Yes, Marshall's thanks mom!) 

I wore it last Tuesday meeting the lovely Candy Washington at Tribeca Grand's annual TECHTUESDAYS, this week it was sponsored by Instagram.

Me and Candy enjoying a drink

Where do you find your happy fashion medium? Do tell!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Va Va Voom: Suiting Up For Summer

It is never to late to think about summer, this weekend gave in my vacation time at work. I am so looking forward to a vacay this summer with my dearest friend's. Cool and confident times ahead for Kosi!

I treated myself in February to a new bikini using a Shopbop credit I had, I will definitely be rocking it in future posts. Mara Hoffman makes the best bikini's it is worth the investment!


The bikini reminded me of this vintage picture. It is one of my favs for a few reasons:

1) The models are gorgeous
2) They are curvy like me
3) They look so happy and confident

It is never to early to plan for a great time or coordinate the outfits you will wear as well, does anyone have any upcoming plans they want to share?