Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Taking it all in

Equipment Silk Shirt, Madewell leather short, vintage necklace from Eleven C Boutique
Photography by Steve Zak
A look that works well into fall is a great pair of leather high shorts with a silk shirt. I have an obsession with Equipment silk shirts: they are the perfect fit, they are modern so you can make them dressy and casual depending on your mood. This cobalt color in particular is my favorite because it brings an edge to any outfit, without trying so hard.  Add in some silver goodies from my jewelry stash and we got the perfect transitional outfit!  These photos were shot after I got off work last Friday. It was great to sit, catch a little sun, and people watch. I have been working working early days and later nights, so it was nice to sit still and take in the final days of summer.

How was everyone's weekend? LOL anyone catch the VMA's? What are your thoughts on that? Do tell!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ben Affleck the new Batman.. why!?

Oscar winner Ben Affleck is set to play Batman in the Superman sequel pitting the two superheroes against one another. It will be the first time Batman and Superman have been in a film together. I'm mystified by this news for so many reasons:

I didn't know Man of Steel was that great that there had to be a sequel?  

I still remember Affleck playing Daredevil.. still recovering.....

I loved Christian Bale as Batman! LOL I think most of the world did, last time I checked The Dark Knight Rises is just a year old? 

Finally, do we all remember George Clooney as Batman? Yea and he won an Oscar too....

I guess we will have to wait till July 17th, 2015 to see how this turns out. I am a comic book head so I would be lying if I said I wasn't going to go see it lol. 

Do you guys agree with me, disagree? What do you guys think about this?


Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Fav 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target!

Usually, I stay away from designer collections from Target, H & M, etc. The past few years they have been overhyped and poorly designed. I guess the backlash and feedback has been taken seriously by these retailers have stepped their game up the past few months with Isabel Marant collaborating with H & M, and Prabal Gruang for Target being one of their most successful collaborations.

I was happy when the first images of 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target debut online, because.. it looked like 3.1 Phillip Lim! The design elements from a few of his past collections are clearly present: the coveted sweatshirt, the prints, and minimalistic style we come to know and love. 


The CFDA named Lim the 2013 accessories designer of the year, and his coveted 3.1 Phillip Lim handbags will cost you between $650 and $1,000 on Saks.  His collection for Target, all of his accessories are $60 or less.  Oversized work or travel bags, cross-body bags, miniature totes and a range of fall colors with some animal print thrown stay true to Lim's design asthetic.

I really liked he has looks that are day to night and a men's collection that is very wearable! Guys often get overlooked for these types of things, but not this time. There are must-have sneakers and boots, cozy sweaters that girlfriends everywhere will be stealing, bomber jackets, trench coats, camo-printed pants and office-ready button-downs. And don't forget the boxer-briefs!

Are you guys as excited as I am? My goal is to get the sweatshirt and trackpants set for sure, September 15th can't come fast enough


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Endless Art

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."-Oscar Wilde

Strong quote Mr. Wilde but true! I hope everyone is having a great week. I spent a huge chunk of last weekend feeding my creative soul by attending two art exhibits: Rebirth by Byron McCray and Punk: from Chaos to Couture.

Visual Artist, Byron McCray and I met YEARS ago when we both worked together at an ice cream shop, we found out we both attended FIT. We kept in touch over the years so when he invited me to his exhibit, I was stoked. Byron has a degree in FIT for illustration, he is one of the most talented artists I know! For the  REBIRTH, the new mixtape exhibition: is a series of paintings that explore music, strength, redemption, and the quest for higher ground. My friend Aiesha and I attended and we were blown away!

Aiesha, Byron and I. I love wearing this freedom top by √Čtoile Isabel Marant lol
LOL the pic below was a fitting finish to the this summer’s Costume Institute exhibit at The Met, : Punk {From Chaos to Couture} It was the last weekend before the three month exhibit closed. It did not disappoint! The show starts with The exhibit was a mix of do it yourself fashion to couture from the best of the best: Chanel,Burberry, Rodarte, and Alexander McQueen to name a few! The exhibit explores the origins of punk and looking at the differences and interchanges between New York punk and London punk. I wanted to wear everything!  

I came back to start the work week feeling inspired, jotting ideas down, adding songs to my Ipad, and deciding to go to a museum at least once a month :)

If you are in the NY area, you can visit Rebirth by Byron McCray at Greenwich House Music School located on 46 Barrow StreetNew York, New York 10014.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kaleidoscope Dream

Photography by Steve Zak
Right now, all I feel like throwing on before running out the door is a dress! This blue and white kaleidoscope printed dress was a steal a few years ago at $20! I threw it on when I was running errands and meeting a few friend's last weekend. I played it down by adding with this brown fedora and leather bag from Foley & Corinna. Still crazy to think I had that bag since 2006, it was my first designer bag I brought after I graduated college! Nevertheless, it felt nice to just stroll the park, take in the sun, and see inspiration from my fellow New Yorker's! Have to keep the creative juices going!



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga: A Kosi Must Read

The Dark Phoenix Saga is a classic X-men comic that is often reviewed as not only one of the best X-men stories ever written, but as one of the best comics ever written.  The series shows Jean Grey's fall from grace, as the dark force within her transforms her into the Dark Phoenix. 

To be honest, I actually first heard of the famous “The Dark Phoenix Saga” through an episode of the 90s X-Men cartoon series and that was probably my favorite episode of the entire series as a child. Coincidentally, one of my brother's had the original comic box all 9 issues in one! I was supposed to be studying for a math final but I read the comic instead lol and I was blown away.  The heart wrenching transformation of Jean Grey really takes the cake! As her powers began to corrupt her, Jean turns from the innocent Marvel Girl into the incredibly powerful Phoenix.  

This image isn't from the comic, but it is a famous picture showing what Jean Grey went through
This is one of the first major X-Men stories and despite it being over 30 years old, it does not disappoint. Be warned, it still retains some of the old style of comic book writing, such as where characters have to think and explain everything that is happening.

I love the fashion in the book, the leotard and the bodysuit were in full force:
Jean Grey as The Black Queen

The book introduces us to Kitty Pride, Dazzler, and Emma Frost. I loved the fashions in the book personally, their outfits were no exception:

Kitty Pryde
Emma Frost
The story has three main parts; first the X-men rescue Kitty Pryde and a few of their own from Emma Frost after they are kidnapped, two, the X-men battle the Hellfire Club, and the grand finale, the X-men battle Jean Grey herself, now Dark Phoenix. The ending of this book should not come as a surprise, but I still won't spoil it just in case you haven't read it.

I think a lot of women would enjoy the book even if they are not die hard fans like myself: the story of a woman struggling with the daily stress of keeping up appearances and losing control? Yes, in the Dark Phoenix Saga it is a little more excessive, personally I think a lot of women could relate to that and the need to wear a shiny bodysuit to be heard lol.

You can find X-Men Dark Phoenix on Amazon here.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 13

I know I'm late but, how amaze did Freja Beha Erichsen look in the new pre-fall ads for Saint Laurent? It's a mix of rock n' roll, chic, and sexy tomboy all in one. Creative director Hedi Slimane kept true to the late Yves Saint Laurent famous classic tuxedo suit, shown in the pinstripe number below. 

I always have been a fan of YSL before it was re-branded to Saint Laurent, he was innovative at using non-European cultural references as inspiration, and models of color during fashion shows and campaigns. I own his famous Muse bag, it holds everything and I still look chic! 

Looking forward to fall, definitely doing more of a rocker chic look , lol if I don't do that already!