Monday, September 30, 2013

October 2013: National Bullying Prevention Month

Hey guys

Wow time really flies by doesn't it? September is over! October is filled with a lot of great things to look forward to: Halloween, NY comic con, and Oktoberfest to name a few.

October is also National Bullying Prevention Month. A time where communities can unite and raise awareness of bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach, and education. PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights)  created this campaign in 2006, and it has now turned into a month long effort  that encourages everyone to take an active role in the bullying prevention movement. 

I was a victim of bullying as a child, I was different from other kids at my school: hair, unique name, and don't eat red meat. People judge what they don't understand. I didn't say anything so I can relate when I hear stories in the media about children being bullied. I post about fashion, comics, pop culture and I knot this is off topic, but I feel it is my social responsibility to share the different ways you can support as it effects so many people:
  • Choose Orange-Purchase a Bit Time Cause wrist band for $5.99, that demonstrates your support for keeping schools safe.
  • Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying, Oct.5-A non-competitive run that increases awareness of bullying prevention and raises funds to support the cause. You can find and event in your area or sponsor a participant, like I am doing.
  • Unity Day: Wednesday, Oct. 9- Wear the color ORANGE.  Wearing ORANGE is a sign that you support those who have been bullied and are uniting to make a difference.
Please support National Bullying Prevention Month in October and the months after.  Children learn what they live, and they pick up disparaging comments and behaviors from the important adults in their lives. We tend do to judge a lot, or react to judging in a non-constructive way (I'm guilty of that) children see that. Embracing differences and taking constructive action to people who bully and judge is the only way the cycle will stop.

For more information on ways you can help please visit the following sites:


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Steppin' Warriors: Rick Owens Spring 14

"We're rejecting conventional beauty, creating our own beauty," Designer Rick Owens said about his Spring 14 women's collection he debuted at Paris Fashion Week (PFW).  Instead of holding the traditional model casting, Owens recruited four step dance troupes—Step with Momentum, W Diva, Zeta and Soul Steps—to form a single unifying force he titled “Vicious.”   With electro-synthetic beats and rhythmic stomp, the show created an experience that broke the fashion mold in a major way!

It was refreshing to see models/performers at a major fashion show that were bigger than a size 4, who were predominately African American, and had their hair in afros, dreadlocks and braids. Typically, PFW has little to no African American models walking the catwalk and if they are walking their hair is long and straight.

The collection was classic Rick Owens, with angular body styles creating a dramatic but minimalistic look with olive-hues, black jersey and leather. Owens is a master at draping, the combination of tribal and Grecian influences, gives the collection a dose of modern femininity. The perfect collection for pretty tomboy's like myself!

What an innovative collection! lol I am not in Paris but I do feel inspired by this, well done Rick

What did you guys think of the show? Does this set the tone for shows in February? 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kos' NYFW S14 Entry # 3: Patricia Field & St.Wobil

Hey guys

So the last day of NY fashion week, I did a slight detour. My friend Kimanie invited Vicky and I to St. Wobil's Spring 14 collection, a show he was modeling in. I've  never seen Kimanie model in a show before so I decided to skip Patricia Field this year and give moral support. BUT, thank goodness for Shanna and Rachel for taking pictures for me to share with all of you, thanks gals!

Everything out-of-the-ordinary at the Bowery as the most eccentric New Yorkers closed out fashion week at Patricia Field Boutique. Patricia Field who always does things a little differently, held an event that was in celebration of the boutique’s California designers. What a nice way to mix it up for NYFW!

St. Wobil was refreshing, the collection was split with men's first and then women's closing the show. The highlight for me was the sequin African prints, I have been raised on African prints, it was great to see a modern twist on it!

The highlight of the men's portion for me was the outerwear

Here's Kimanie, so proud of you man!

NYFW September 13 was a blast, see you in February!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's not even my birthday... wait it is!

Hey guys

Sorry for the lack of posts, working an event on Sunday then jumping into a trade show leaves little time for much, so I have been playing catch up on work and sleep.. what else is new right? lol

I've received an alert today that One Creates Oneself (OCO) turns 2 years old today! Wow time flies by! I wanted to thank everyone for their support of this little ol' blog lol. It has come a long way as you can see:

I am excited for the upcoming weeks: NY comic con, Lucky FABB conference and getting the blog redesigned! Posts will start up again on Friday!

Again; I want to thank my readers, friend's, and family for the support! The best is yet to come!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My inner Saint Laurent

I'm am becoming huge tailor freak! I love blazers, trousers, and vests!  When I was at the tents last Saturday, I was in a Saint Laurent mood as you can see: mostly black, sleek, comfortable, and chic.  It doesn't hurt that I had my beloved Saint Laurent Muse handbag as well. 

BB Dakota Blazer, Helmut Lang Tee, Helmut Lang knit pant, Saint Laurent Muse bag, Topshop heels, Ray-Ban Sunglasses
I paired up this blazer from BB Dakota with my favorite Helmut Lang tee and knit pants. This blazer is becoming my new favorite, very tomboy, but still feminine due to it's slim fit. 

I have to thank my friend Vicky for helping me select the shoes. When I was getting ready, a few things were going on:  I was caffeine deprived, in a rush, hungry, and couldn't make a decision lol thank goodness for Iphones to snap quick pics. I was happy I wore them as the weather is getting cooler I won't be able to. 

Photography by Steve Zak
NYFW is coming to a close I will be reporting on one more show: Patricia Field! I can't wait to see what she has in store, see who arrives, and network! 


Monday, September 9, 2013

Kos' NYFW S14 Entry # 2: Mara Hoffman & Charlotte Ronson

Hey guys!

I spent my Saturday at the tents, it was great running into people who you have been threatening to get a drink with, ha! But seriously it was great!

My first show was Mara Hoffman, she is the queen on exotic prints and swimwear in my book. "There's a Rainbow Warrior moment happening here,” she said backstage before her show started. 

I love that term, happiness all day!  I was so honored to get an invite, I was running super late but managed to get there in time and snap a few pictures. 

Also, I've included official pictures of my favorite looks:

Saturday evening, I attended Charlotte Ronson's S14 presentation, the collection was inspired by the playful souciance of a French gamine. The collection was tongue-in-cheek-sweet with the urban city as the perfect background. Ronson's girl this season is a mix of pretty tomboy with motor jackets and overalls. She add a hint of femininity with cut outs and floral prints. I personally loved her handbags, they screamed out fun and it's been a constant theme for designers for NYFW, for the clothes to have fun. 

I hung around Lincoln Center and was happy to have my dear friend Vicky join me.  We both had the same idea with keeping our outfits chic but minimalistic at the same time. Vicky's jacket was everything!

What was great about Mara Hoffman and Charlotte Ronson was that they are two contemporary brands that included models from different ethnicity's in their shows. Few contemporary brands I've seen at fashion week don't have much variety in the models, yesterday was refreshing. 

The theme for Spring 14 is fun, happiness, variety and not taking ourselves so seriously, I can dig it!