Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harris Duo!!

Hey guys

How did everyone spend their Hurricane weekend? Mines was good, I caught up on the September Issues, a few comic books and watched the original Star Wars trilogy (the prequels minus episode 3 put a sour taste in my mouth).

I did what everyone else did the Friday before the Hurricane and went out after work. I spent quality time with one of my dearest friend's which also happens to be my niece Akua. Yes, I have a niece who is more like a little sister to me (4 year age difference between us).  I thought I'd share an old school picture:

We were modeling for our pre-school's fashion show

Akua and I went to the Brooklyn diner at Times Square if you go try try the following :

Fried Calamari 

Fried House-Made Mozzarella balls-so so delish as you can tell from our happy faces :) 

Akua also has an amazing blog The Style Qween which caters to beauty, hair, fashion, and technology. A must read that you guys should follow! I am so proud of her!

After dinner and a few cocktails, we walked around Times Square. 

Sonic All Stars! Holla!
We went to the game section at Toys R' Us.  This brought back memories again from my childhood, I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog with my brother Nei.

Akua got me to try this new pink shade from Make Up Forever. I am trying to get into more color for Fall when it comes to make up.

Here is a full length picture of my outfit-I got the Tracy Reese dress at Beacon's closest 2 years ago it is my favorite summer staple! Also wearing an H & M jacket and a Marc Jacobs bag I got from ebay.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Frame of Mind

Hey guys!

How is everyone's week so far? I am enjoying the last few days of my vacation before going back to work. Excited for what is coming up: fashion night out, fashion week, the bloggers conference. Mom & I were doing some summer cleaning, and I came across these pictures.

I always described my style as tomboyish with a touch of femininity :) Nice to know it was true for my early years!

How is everyone spending their last days of summer? What are you looking forward to for the fall?


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Really Nivea?

Hi guys!

How is the weekend going? I came across this advertisement on At first, I didn't understand the headline until I saw the picture:

Seeing this made me think about the SNL weekend update skits "Really?" I thought this topic deserved a "Really?" 

  1. Really Nivea? Maybe this ad would be great in Texas where copywriter Billy Bob thought of the idea but did you forget about the other states? NYC? California? Just any state besides Texas? 
  2. Hey clean shaven model? Did they offer you a lifetime supply of Nivea? How's is it working out? Are you civilized? Really? 
  3. Still on the model, Uncle Tom called he wants his sweater back.
  4. Really Nivea? You had to get a mannequin head that looks angry? And we are not supposed to think this isn't a tiny bit racist? Really! 
  5. You're spokesperson Rihanna is a black woman, did Billy Bob in copywriting forget? 
  6. Nivea, did you forget it's 2011 not 1961? Does the ghost of Jim Crow haunt the Nivea offices? Call the ghostbusters.
  7. And finally, I don't know what is so civilized about a throwing heads in parking lots? Did the model decapitate the head before?   So Nivea created a very racist ad that doesn't make sense on top of that? My solution call Reverend Sharpton and fire Billy Bob. 
Writer Justin Frenner of Styleite wrote a powerful response. It hit close to home for him, since he is a black male and actually was a frequent user of Nivea's products.  

One point he made that I wanted to share: "Growing out my hair hasn’t precluded me from getting a job or doing it well. Letting myself get a little scruffy on weekends doesn’t mean I can’t tell which spoon I’m supposed to use for the sugar bowl at brunch on Sundays. Add as much as I love fashion, there are days when I dress like I don’t give a damn, largely because sometimes I just don’t. But I’m not any more likely to shoot someone in cold blood on those days than I am on days when I’m wearing a coat and tie. And neither is anyone else."

Here is the link to the rest of the article:

In response to Justin's article, Nivea pulled the ad.  What made them think this was a good idea to begin with? What a PR disaster! Thoughts?


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Star Style: Tika Sumpter

I am loving Gossip Girl/One Live to Live star, Tika Sumpter's outfits lately. I am also happy she is getting the media attention for her style as well.

My motto as I get older is that less is more, a woman can still be sexy without running around with no clothes on. Tika's style is sexy but elegant at the same time, a great example for women of color and beyond to follow. 

A few of her recent outfits:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Frances Bean please :)

Hey guys!

How was everyone's week? I was prepping for the NY gift show and doing some last minute tasks before taking some much needed time off. 
The web this week has been buzzing about the recent pics of that Frances Bean Cobain did with designer Hedi Slimane.  Kurt Cobain's little girl, looking very grown-up, grunged out, and covered in ink. The pics inspired me to think about my next tat.

Frances with daddy Kurt

On Sept. 24 is the 20th anniversary of “Nevermind" Nirvana’s breakthrough album, I wanted to share my favorite song from the album.

Come as You Are-Nirvana

The title + lyrics fit Frances as well, I think Kurt would be very proud of his daughter today.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Disturbing Pattern

Had a lazy Sunday, I was flipping through the channels and saw a clip from the season finale of Basketball Wives. Eric Williams one of the ex husbands on the show actually throws a drink at his soon to be ex Jennifer Williams.  I actually gasped after I saw it, but I do realize that I do watch these shows as much as the next person:

Seeing the clip made me think about an observation my sister made the other day when we were talking about TV shows. It seems like the media is trying to make it the norm for women to be assaulted on television. More than ever, women on TV are being portrayed in a negative light.

Basketball Wives, Real Housewives of NJ, Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, Jerseylicous have one thing in common there is always a clip where a woman is being assaulted.  Here are two recent clips:

The pattern is also continuing this fall. I also came across the new trailer for Maria Bello's new show Prime Suspect, the clip shows her at dinner with a black eye speaking about her day at work:

I think the media should create a balance and show more positive female influences on TV. But then again will people watch? Not 100% sure about that unfortunately.

Has anyone else noticed the pattern? What are your thoughts?



(Photo courtesy from Warner Bros)

How amazing does Anne Hathaway look as Catwoman? I am loving how the creative team is keeping her appearance as it was in the original comic book. The costume is equipped with goggles and looks more tactical.

It looks like the Catwoman image has been revamped and will make a huge comeback in 2012. Halle Berry's Catwoman will be a bad memory!

Who else is excited to see Anne as Catwoman next year?


Candid Camera

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I have been MIA for a while, work has kept me super busy.  I am so proud of the work I have been doing. Last week, I shot Spring 12 lookbooks for Qi and Ainsley.  At my job as marketing/pr manager, it is my responsibility to create themes for the shoots, recruit photographer, recruit hair & make-up, scout out a space, and work with the stylist. I have been doing it for 4 years not this time it was different since it was the first time I had back to back shoots!  I achieved my goal in making sure the brands look totally different (Qi being urban and Ainlsey more boho in look)

Here is a sneak peak with the pics I took on my Iphone):

Me at the shoot during a break

Behind the scene footage of the Spring 12' shoots I coordinated are featured in the social media pages for QI New York and Ainsley!