Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Black Swan Effect

Last Sunday I had the chance to go to The Black Swan, a pub just a 10 minute walk from my house! 
Photo from Black Swan's website
Formerly an auto-body shop, The Black Swan's interior is rustic but sleek; with semi-exposed brick walls, wooden tables, and a back porch that has outdoor seating.  

Photo from Black Swan's website
For a Sunday, a week after the blizzard, the place was packed!  A few friend's have been telling me about the pub so we decided to go and catch up. Irish coffee, life talks, and mimosas were on the menu!

My friend Dimitria and I had the Eggs Benedict with Salmon:

Our friend Athena went with the Steak and Eggs:

Aiesha went with the Chicken and Waffles:

Their extensive beer selection and appetizers is motivating me to come back sooner or later especially for Friday night basketball games! I came back for take out on Saturday, it was a raining day and I couldn't get brunch out of my head. The general manager James remember me from my last visit, lol I felt special!

Brunch at the pub is available Monday-Friday 11:30am-4:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm. The Black Swan has been open for 2 years now and it is one of the "go-to's" for dining in Bed-Stuy.  The restaurant has a relaxed vibe, but it is a spot to to take a friend or if you are (like me at times) too exhausted to go into the city. Stop by and you will not be disappointed!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kos' NYFW Fall 13 Diary #5: Clover Canyon Fall 13

Voluminous skirts, original prints, and dresses with sculpted sleeves; were among the highlights of Clover Canyon’s Fall 2013 collection at Lincoln Center. Clover Canyon is designed and produced in Los Angeles. They are known for their eclectic prints that showing the joyful spirit of California.

The sweatshirt trend is not going away anytime soon, thank goodness!

The Fall 13 collection is an homage to Russia with lavish prints, crystal ballerina flats, and vivid colors. The design team was inspired by Imperial Russia referencing the country’s “extreme luxury, extreme ideals, extreme vastness and extreme passion”. This was apparent in the background of the Siberian plain and a Russian palace. 

A treat for all that attended was to see actual ballet dancers who stood en pointe throughout the presentation.

Sorry I've been mia it's been hectic, kind of over it but at least it's better to be hectic than not busy at all. Glad the weekend is almost here.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kos' NYFW Fall 13 Diary #4: Stoner Chic at Highland

"Some rise, some fall, some climb"-Jerry Garcia

That quote was the start of the show program given to attendees of the Highland Fall 13 presentation. The presentation took place in the Highline loft in the Meatpacking district. I liked going to presentations like these that display the collection differently besides having the models stand on a platform for 2 hours, the presentation was fun, interactive and entertaining! The space felt like an old skool house party with Blue Ribbon beer, misty smoke and dim lighting. 

Sherpa outerwear, cargo pants, and tie-dye shirts were a constant theme from the collection. The Highland guy is mellow but knows how to have a great time with his crew!

I was digging the reversible Beanie DJ Mobby was wearing

Can't be a house party without darts?

Shout out to this awesome server manning the Blue Ribbon area, I envy his rings
My first beer cozy thanks for the keepsake Highland!
 I managed to get some video footage  of the presentation, thought it was vital since it was so unique, enjoy:

I wouldn't think purple would work on a men's knit but it works in this case!

Well done Highland!



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kos' NYFW Fall 13 Diary #3: Charlotte Ronson

A couple of fearless fashion soldiers and myself braved the elements of Friday night's blizzard and attended Charlotte Ronson's Fall 13 presentation. I attended the presentation with my niece Akua (check out her blog: A Stylish Jedi)

Collection was inspired by Ronson's English upbringing. The presentation had a relaxed vibe as 60's music from Dusty Springfield provided the soundtrack. Colored leather and sporty details in the knits were my favs!

This color-blocked blazer was my favorite!

Before the show started Akua and I went exploring at Lincoln Center we goofed off at the TRESemmé booth, it was fun spending time with her:

Until tomorrow heading to Trina Turk but the next post will bring everyone back to their college days!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kos' NYFW Fall 13 Diary #2: Duckie Brown

I had the chance to attend my first menswear show, I was fortunate to have it be Duckie Brown! Robert Verdi, Jay Alexander of America's Next Top model and Nick Wooster were front row. The best of the best in the men's market were at the show including CFDA. 

The outerwear in the collection stood out for me, and the over-sized body styles were a consistent theme during the show, it was all about the exaggerated jacket:
Designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver
See you guys at Charlotte Ronson tomorrow!

Kos' NYFW Fall 13 Diary #1: Wildfox Couture

Finale at Wildfox Couture
NY Fashion week (NYFW) has started, the first show I had the opportunity to attend was the presentation for Wildfox Couture Fall 2013 at the coveted venue Capitale. 

Below is a snap of the presentation, I will get to that in few:
The Wildfox Couture brand has been getting a lot of buzz the past few years with thier celebrity following and boho designs. Most recently, Beyonce wore their eye-wear brand Wildfox Sun. She wore the eyeglasses in the famous picture that was on her tumblr page last week in the height of the lip synching controversy. She also wore Wildfox in music videos, and at the coachella music festival.

The Fall 13 presentation was from 8pm-11pm, I was wondering why the event was so long.. But when I got there with my friend Candy, I realized the first part was a reception with drinks plus the ultimate comfort food of gourmet fries and grilled cheese! I'm a sucker for grilled cheese!  The DJ was amazing putting on the 80's hits along with sounds from Foster The People, which inspired a few attendee's to dance. The scene was mixed: bloggers, publicist, editors, and celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Ashelee Simpson all coming together to see the beloved Wildfox Couture put on one of the best presentations I've seen in a very long time.

Second half of the event was in the main room at Capitale:
The models actually entered from the balcony dancing to Frank Sinatra wearing sequin maxi skirts, short bob cuts, feather bowas incorporating Wildfox's signature designs and breezy t shirt body styles.

The skeleton sequin sweatshirt is a must have, one of the huge trends for fall 13 is "The Sweatshirt" it is great to see a t shirt brand like Wildfox make it their own by incorporating their signature skeleton design that has been seen on dresses and t shirts in the past.
Loved the Great Gatsby hint in the design below, it's just enough :)
I have a feeling that I will be I am having dreams about the the sequin maxi skirt! Anyone that knows me know I love maxi skirts! They're my staple! 
At the end of the night each guest got an amazing gift bag full of goodies, thank you Wildfox:
Canvas bag by Wildfox Couture, Tigi haircare, Wildfox Sun lookbook, Lip gloss by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Custom deck of card by Wildfox Couture.

 What a great way to start NYFW! Stoaked about Duckie Brown tomorrow!