Thursday, March 29, 2012

Be Yourself: Easier as you get older

Realized that my birthday is 2 months away (May 27th) 

I will be 28 years old: WHOA!

Honestly, I used to get the birthday blues; not sure if you guys have experienced it. You think about all the things you didn't do, the fact you are 1 year older and you are wondering what the fuck you should be doing with yourself? (Sorry to be so blunt lol for the PG readers.) I definitely had moments like that around the time of my birthday. 

I was relieved that last year I didn't have the blues at all! My birthday weekend was low key and I loved it.  I surrounded myself with people I really care about. 

Looking back on my 27th year the ups and downs, I am actually more comfortable with myself than I was in my early 20's. I cared a lot what people thought of me when I was younger, held grudges, trying to fit in, and not thinking I was good enough. I don't know when I stopped caring but I am happy I did! There are still a few moments of doubt but I'm working on it (Jan/Feb 2012 were MAJOR learning lessons for me), I know that comes with time. 

I thought it would be appropriate since I am talking about time and personal growth to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of getting my tattoo:

Nirvana Shirt Chaser LA purchase at Singer22
My tattoo is a West African Adinkra symbol:  MMERE DANE, which means symbol of change, life's dynamics.

There have been a lot of changes the past few years, good and bad. I choose to focus on the good and learn from the bad.

I am looking forward to my 28th year and keeping it low key in regards to a celebration. I do want to get a great outfit just because... it's my birthday, fuck yea I'm going to look great lol

I found an old pic of myself at my 25th birthday party.  I have changed since that picture: style-wise and personality.

I know I need to do an outfit post, I'll make it happen this weekend ;) Hope everyone is enjoying their week! 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lazy Sundays/Kosi's Classic Rock Origin's revealed

I love Sunday's, I think I actually appreciate them more than I did even 5 year ago. Nothing beats sleeping in late and catching up on the latest reads with a omelette and cappuccino in tow:

I also jammed to classic rock tunes on Pandora. I have always been a fan even when I didn't know it. I indirectly influenced my older brother to listen to classic rock when I was 4, yes 4 years old.

When I was 4, I was rushed to the hospital for spraying oven cleaner in my eye, a staff member from the hospital gave my brother his walkman that had a classic rock station playing on it. LOL the rest is history since my brother became a musician a few years later. 

Listening to a few tunes today made me think about all the times I would hang out with him in the East Village.  We would walk around (ALOT) going to vintage shops, eating sushi, he regularly had Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Chuck Berry playing in his apartment.  Great times! I can't wait to visit him in the west coast later this year :) 

What do you guys do on Sunday's? Has anyone influenced your taste in music?


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Am I blue?

Ha! I'm not feeling blue at all! How could I? Amazing family, friend's, a job that is in the fashion field, all positive! I am psyched for the beautiful shades of blue this spring:

I'm especially digging the turquoise shade, can't wait to mix with my neutrals!

Happy Friday everyone! What color are you digging for Spring? 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kick off your shoes and relax your feet

Hey guys!

So how did I end up here? Relaxing on a nice night with a drink in my hand? 

Current Elliott Stiletto Jean in Leopard/Sam Eldelman Boot

Looking for a low key bar in NYC can be a daunting tasks, I am finding that out as I get older. There are times where you want to escape the following after a long day at work:

Tourist crowd
College crowd
Underage crowd
Hoodguy/Hoodgal crowd
Jersey Shore crowd
Sex & the City wannabe crowd
The "omg" celebrities go here crowd
The Fashion professional crowd 

It's NYC, and yes we are diverse, but times you just need a crowd detox!

I always find great spots through my friend's and it is always when I am not expecting them. Me and a friend of mine decided to avoid the Hell's Kitchen/West Village happy hour rush as usual, and head to Lolita Lower East Side. 


I like Lolita for a few reasons:
It is located in LES
Dim lighting, exposed brick, and Led Zeppelin playing in the background=win!

  I'm always a sucker for a jukebox

 How can you not love the shrine to Questlove?

The drink I ordered was the Lolita (cheesy right? lol) It was really a  Sex on the Beach made with raspberry vodka. It was a very good drink!

 The artwork on the walls was a great touch, this is a bar where you can actually sit with a friend or two and catch up on life as I did that night. 

It was nice to go out of my usual area and try something new, I tend to do that a lot this Spring & beyond! Lolita is located on 266 Broome St. at Orchard & Allen.

What are you guys trying new this Spring? Any recommendations for happy hour, he he!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward!

Hey guys!!

How was the weekend for all of you? I spent it relaxing, watching basketball, and catching up on my magazines. It is nice to have a weekend to focus on yourself. I plan to have many this spring!

Well it is not officially spring yet till next week, I couldn't resist breaking out a transitional outfit today. I am starting to get into more color and mixing bright colors with my coveted neutrals. 

The cool pre-Spring night was perfect to show off my new teal blazer:

Love the fit of this blazer it is not oversized or fitted. 
As Goldilocks would say: "It's just right" 

I think I may grab another color in this body style shown here
I'll most likely purchase pink color so I can stick to my Miami Vice mood! Ha!

Now on to the dress, I love maxi dresses Spring, Summer, Fall, whenever!
The brand Lovers + Friend's nailed it!
Being the savvy shopper, I got the dress on sale, 
there are a few pieces left on Karmaloop!

Special thanks to Akua at "The Style Qween" for taking pictures.

The goal for this spring for me is: more color! My favorite color is blue and I plan to wear all shades of it.

What style goals do you guys have for spring?


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zombies, Run! The most awesome fitness app!

THey guys

I found the perfect fitness app for Iphone or Android users: Zombies, Run! This app is a fun way to liven up a workout.

In the world of Zombies, Run!, you are Runner 5, one of the last of humanity after the planet has been taken over by zombies. Your mission is to scout and collect supplies for the community, and that's where the fitness aspect of this game comes in. 




When you set the app to "running" mode, the app tells the story of Runner 5 through your headphones, giving radio orders on what supplies to collect and where to go, interspersed with the sound of approaching zombies.

 You can also use your own music while you're running as well and the app will insert bits of the story between tracks.

When you end the your workout, the app gives stats on your distance, time and pace, and also lists of what supplies you collected. The more supplies you collect, the more you can establish your community and get new missions.

The app is an investment at $7.99 much less than an actual gym membership. I'm taking it a step further getting the "Runner 5" t-shirt on their site:
Me being the sci-fi fanatic I am, I am going to start using this app whenever I get on the exercise bike. I have a feeling it will be more than just a couple of times a week now. I love this!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fair Is Fair in the search for the perfect denim vest

Hey guys

Enjoying the beautiful weather? I sure am! I'm more motivated to get my spring wardrobe together!

An item that is on my wishlist this spring is (drumroll please): a denim vest. I got inspired after buying the DVD to one of my top 80s movies, "The Legend of Billie Jean"

Billie Jean throughout the whole movie wore baggy vests, now I am in the search for a vest like this. I want to pair it with my maxi skirts and dresses this Spring. 

The movie is now a cult classic, the music in the movie also rocked checked out this scene where Billy Idol was playing in the background:

And to end it my favorite 80s movie quote "Fair is Fair":

The vests I have been seeing in a few stores doesn't have the same vintage feel, I am going to head to Loveday 31 this weekend to find a vest that is similar, wish me luck!

Any recent movie inspired your wardrobe? Do tell!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Modern Western Expansion: Isabel Marant Fall 2012

Isabel Marant is one of my favorite fashion labels for the following reason: the label is known for not following trends.  The Fall 2012 collection embraces the carefree cowgirl spirit with a modern edge:  muted color palette with pops of cobalt blue and scarlet red, fringe, and leather. 

A lot of my favorite looks were of course worn by Joan Smalls (my fav model at the moment)

Out of all the shows I think her show is closer to my style.

WWD reported that the label will be launching their ecommerce site this year! 

So exciting for the rest of us!