Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holy revamp, Batman!!

I have a reason to add "BOOM", "POW" ,"ZAPP" back into my vocabulary! Warner Bros. has officially launched the highly anticipated Batman Classic Television Series licensing program! The program was inspired by the classic 1960's Batman television show. The program includes apparel, comic books, and 

Last night was the official launch party for the liscensing program at the famous Meltdown Comics in Hollywood:

The juxtaposition of retro design elements and incorporating them into modern silhouette's has been a big trend for 2013. I am stoked to see that Junk Food is part of this launch! I remember watching the 1960's Batman TV show when I was younger, whenever a tv station is holding a marathon for it now, I make it a point to watch :)

Items are already available for purchase on Junk Food's website, I highlighted my favs:

Product photos:

DC also revealed artwork for its all-new digital comic book series BATMAN '66, launching in summer 2013.  The digital comic book features many fan-favorite characters like my girl CatwomanThe Riddler, and The Joker. Written by Jeff Parker, the series will feature cover art by Michael Allred and the first issue will be drawn by Eisner Award winner Jonathan Case. BATMAN '66 will also be collected and available for sale in monthly print issues.

Well done DC great revamp of your brand! I'm digging it!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Interview with Model Nastasia Ohl

Photo from Nastasia Ohl
MeetNastasia Ohl, model for Major Model Management.  The Miami native moved to NYC 2 summers ago to pursue modeling full time. I met Nastasia last year when she modeled at my job's Fall 13 presentation @Ainsleyny:

A year later, I was stoked to see how far the 18-year-old model has come in the fashion industry, especially this NYFW in February. She was everywhere! 
Alon Livne Fall 13

Tia Cibani Fall 13

Katie Ermilio Fall 13
Binetti Fall 13
I was fortunate to get a few moments with Nastasia to discuss her career in modeling. Her interview can be found below:

OCO: How did you start modeling?
N.O:I first got the idea I wanted to work towards modeling when a former supermodel starting talking to me in Wholefoods back home when I was 9. I was way too young but after I grew during high school I came to NY and got signed doing mostly direct bookings and fashion week. After I finished school I moved to NY and have lived here ever since!

O.C.O: What is your favorite show you did during this past NYFW and why?
N.O: My favorite show I did this fashion week was Ruffian, the clothes were absolutely amazing, gothic romantic with bold prints lots of black, some corsets and an underlying equestrian theme.

Ruffian Fall 13
O.C.O: Do you remember your first NYFW gig? What was it?  
N.O: Yes I do remember my first NYFW gig! I was still in high school but got flown in just to try my luck at the Calvin Klein exclusive casting, and I got it! It was an amazing first experience and one that I will definitely never forget!

O.C.O: How do you prep for a show/shoot?
N.O: I try to get as much sleep as I can, I also will try to eat breakfast and pack some fruit with me for on set to munch on and grab a coffee before I start working so I am fully energized.

O.C.O: Best perk about being a model?
N.O: Travelling to amazing places for work and meeting amazing people that you keep in contact with.

O.C.O:Do you see yourself modeling in 10 years? Yes or No? Why?
N.O: I’m not sure if I see myself modeling in 10 years, at least not full-time. I would like to stay in the fashion industry for sure but I eventually want to go to college and work towards a career in fashion, taking my experiences from modeling with me. If I can, I would like to still do some modeling work as long as I can but definitely I’m not planning on it being my only career throughout my life.

O.C.O: Who inspires you? 
N.O: The mature/established models in the industry that have used their success in a positive way, either giving back to a chosen charity or to the modeling community themselves with their own organizations or with something like the model alliance. I admire that some can be extremely successful in what it is that they do (modeling) and have chosen such a positive way and idea of giving back in some way because of this success.

O.C.O: What projects are you looking forward to in the upcoming weeks/months ahead?
N.O: I am looking forward to working with my new agency in China: Modelline. I will be going for Beijing fashion week/ to work for the next 2 months. I have been to China before but never for work so I am excited to work in a new market. I also recently switched to Major Modeling Management in NY so I am excited to work with their team as well. 

Nastasia has the personality of a true supermodel: beautiful, humble, and versatile. For more Nastasia Ohl, check out her recent shoot at Major Model, and Natasia's tumblr page: Electric Sugarr.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

I See Green

Happy St. Patty's day everyone! Hope you all are having a blast and being safe this weekend! I wanted to get a quick post in before the festivities ended! 

Yesterday was my niece's birthday party (Happy Bday Afiya), with all the green I saw on Instagram, I got inspired to rock it myself and celebrate!
Qi beanie
My goal style-wise for Spring 13, is to wear brighter colors and incorporate them with my favorite pieces.I personally think when you wear bright or neon colors it is essential to pair back with a neutral!
This neon green Qi sweater I recently ordered is paired with my favorite jeans! Dora Approves :)
Current Elliot Jean, Zara Booties
This is also the last weekend of winter lol bye-bye winter! I am looking forward to Spring officially coming this week!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pretty Tomboy

Emily D Vegan Leather legging
Pencey "Pretty Tomboy" Tee
Phillip Noel clutch

Photography by Margie Harris

Bright blue skies+ sun= Spring! Spring like weather dominated this past weekend ironically when daylight savings time kicked in! Brooklynites like myself were out and about soaking in the beautiful weather as you can see. 

I always considered myself a tomboy ever since I was a kid, girls would like sundresses, I would like overalls, comic books, and Batman cartoons! I have been obsessing over this "Pretty Tomboy" shirt for weeks now and decided to get it. I balance my tomboy style with a vegan legging, ankle boots, and a minimalistic clutch.  I have been using this clutch from Phillip Noel for a few weeks now and it is becoming a staple in my wardrobe!

The tease of spring weather this past weekend has been so amazing for my creativity. There are so many projects coming up it's a very exciting time for me, cheers to spring!


Sunday, March 10, 2013


Ever noticed the way the other women look at a successful or attractive woman when she walks into a room? The sideways glances, the whispering, the rolling of the eyes. Remember those girls that talked behind your back in high school when they didn’t even know you? Remember when your college sorority hated the other sorority just because some of the girls were pretty and dated the guys the other sorority liked?  The “who does she think she is” comments? Or landing a significant job, only to be bullied by other women you worked with? I have, and if you are a woman reading this I am sure you have too.  

It is even more intense 11 years ago since I graduated high school with social media. I was disappointed to see a news story about Rihanna and her best friend Melissa tweeting a picture of them watching Ciara sing acapella to her fans. The picture was making fun of what Ciara was doing instead of celebrating it. 

It is disappointing to see, as teenagers/young women look up to these ladies.

Ciara's response to the tweet:

I see why Ciara 'went there', she was provoked. Like she was in the infamous twitter banter with Rihanna a few years ago:

I'll be honest I have been guilty of playing the mean girl as well, I did it because it was done to me first similar to what happened to Ciara. I saw comments women made on facebook or women being rude to me at a mutual friend's party, and yes it made me angry so much I did things I regretted.  As I get older, I am realizing it's not worth it, there should be more "sisterhood", more ignoring, and less beefing. We should be supporting one another and praising each other's accomplishments, not putting them down.  I plan to do this going forward, ironically, March is women's history month.  Hopefully more women will do the same so there will be less mean girls and more sisterhood in 2013.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not-so-sloppy seconds with Etsy Vintage

My recent vintage find is this awesome coat I ordered from Etsy in January, just cost me $22, yes $22!  Those not familiar with Etsy should get familiar with it, it's awesome. 

Etsy is focused on handmade or vintage items. All vintage items must be at least 20 years old. It makes it different from Ebay in regards to what is really vintage or not! 

Prices on Etsy range, which is another reason why I love the site!
Check it out for yourself!


Monday, March 4, 2013

The Power of Me Time

Hello March! Seriously , hello March! Ha! February was such a busy month for fashion pr girls: fashion week for some, then the trade shows in between, making sure product is placed in trade magazines, and launching fall 13 seasons on top of still promoting Spring 13/Summer 13 to media outlets. 

Being burnt out was an understatement this the past few weeks and honestly, I felt myself getting 'fashion out'. My blog, the place where I have 100% control of content, I was feeling 'fashion out'.  Work isn't work usually, I love what I do and the thrill of it all. There is truly never a dull moment and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am fortunate to do what l love.

The past few weekends I deliberately stayed in Brooklyn and did absolutely nothing but just relax, walk around the neighborhood and spent time with family. It felt great not to have to be somewhere or have to do something. I'm making it a point to make my weekends this spring more about "me" it doesn't mean my passion for fashion has left, not at all! If anything it increases it!

Took this picture walking around my neighborhood
Today, I got the official confirmation on the new project I will be working on. I can't announce it to you guys yet but it's NYC based, retail, and I get to plan a launch party! I am coming back to work this week refreshed and cannot wait to get started developing a marketing plan, brainstorming, and researching. 

If you work or don't work in the fashion industry we all have something in common with having the feeling of being burned out.  The best solution is to step back and devote time to yourself.



Saturday, March 2, 2013

You're So Vain

There are a few things that I can't live without nowadays, one of those items is the Belkin LiveAction Remote. I tested out earlier this week. I can't wait till the weather is nicer in NYC to use it for future posts. 

I usually keep the remote on my vanity with my other valued possessions:

I thought it would make sense if I broke it down section by section:

 Bratz Doll given to me by my brother Nei years ago, Coach Planner, Codi lotion, and Ipad-covered with a custom made comic cast from Etsy.
Belkin remove, Nars Orgasm Blush, Smashbox mascara and blue, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Syrum, and Lisbith eyebrow shaver.
My sister India made this beautiful pillow for my birthday years ago, I love having it on display!
This masquerade mask was a gift from my sister Tika from her recent trip to Arizona. The picture next to it was taken when I was in junior high school of my siblings and I.
Some of my bangles, the compact was a gift from my mother when I was 14.

My vanity means a lot because it has a lot of memories a lot if items on it tell a story. It is also a reminder to be grateful for the people I have in my life and what I have :)