Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Brooklyn gal and her current shopping obsessions

Hey everyone!

Currently under the weather (being congested sucks!) It's starting to finally go away, thank goodness!

The positive part of it was that I was able to sit still for once the last few days, looking over my current obsessions slash needs lol.  My style recently is become more about having that staple: the black leather skirt, the aviator sunglasses, and the gold ring are examples. However I also like to mix them up: the tiger print shoe, and the awesome tee that you just throw on and go! 

From Left

1. Doc Martens
2. Tom Bins
3. Yosi Samara ballet flat
4. Haute Hippie "You and Tequila Makes Me Crazy" tee
5. Nars Nail Polish-Chinatown color
6. Ray Ban Classic Aviators
7. Zara Tiger Wedge
8. Helmut Lang Leather Skirt
9. Leather Hobo Bag from The Cast

One thing that is consistent about my style is that my outfits are easy. I try to keep it chic, I'm not into forcing outfits (less is more). What are your current obsessions?


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meow: Review of Gotham CIty Sirens Comic/DIY Catwoman Costume

Hey guys!

October is next week! We know what that means: Halloween! For a comic book/sci-fi fanatic like myself, it means countdown to NYC Comic Con. The convention is on October 11-14, 2012 at the Javits Center It is the largest event in the East Coast that caters to comic books and sci-fi. 

Last year's Comic Con, I was introduced to the series called Gotham City Sirens.  The main characters are Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. 

Issue #1
In the first few issues, the ladies decided to live together and join forces.  I found this to be awesome since one of my favorite episodes in Batman: The Animated Series involved Poison Ivy getting Harley away from Joker, becoming best buds, and proving the women could do a better job as villains.   

Throwback from Batman The Animated Series
I don't want to give a lot away, but the series was definitely ahead of its time.  DC Comics who owns the series, should have given it another year before canceling it last year. A lot of women are into comic books and a few that I spoke to didn't know it existed till it was canceled, what a shame. Such a great read!

The Artwork by J. G. Jones is a sight to see, it would be great to get one of them framed:


The series is available at DC Comics or your local comic book shop!

This year for NYC Comic Con, I decided to dress up the two days I'm going. The first day I will be Catwoman basing it on Anne Hathaway's version:

This is a semi DIY project, I found an amazing seamstress on Etsy who is making the catsuit and belt for me. for me, bless you Julie! She sent me the materials she is using the other day:

I found the mask already!

I'll also be Catwoman for halloween lol, I am determined to do something fun this year: haunted house, pub crawl, house party, fright fest, it will be something! Gotta start brainstorming! What are your plans?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Portrait of a Lady : Dessu Collection

I was very happy to see pictures of Dessu's Spring 13 collection up on my facebook wall! Dessu is, designed by Angie Suh who freelanced at my full time gig at Qi earlier this year. I have been in love with her designs since I met her 3 years ago. Angie has previously designed for Alice + Olivia and Kenneth Cole. 

Angie describes the Dessu line "for the girl who likes to be a little bit dressed up, but in an effortless, natural way" (so me!).  

A few favorites from Dessu's Fall 2012 debut collection:

Inspiration for the spring 2013 collection looks toward a softened modernism influenced by the work of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.  The colors are warm, feminine and more importantly: wearable! 


Follow Dessu on facebook here. Congrats Angie on a beautiful collection!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love Story

I have been longing for cooler nights in NYC, looks like this week I won't have to wait any longer. This Muubaa leather jacket has been my staple since last November along with this grey cashmere scarf from QI. The past summer, the scarf was hanging on the back of my bedroom door, screaming for fall to begin.  It is so warm and cozy in fact that my friend's all want their own lol!

My uniform for fall is the following: rocker tee, a maxi skirt and a black beanie to help me get through the craziness of the everyday!

I"m happy to be reunited with both items as I love them dearly.  



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kos' NYFW Diary #4: Whitney Eve & Eleven By Venus Williams SS 13

What a great week it has been! Fashion week is officially over!  The best part about NYFW is running into people you haven't seen in years. I actually ran into Robert Verdi at the tents. I met Robert when I was 14, he worked with my older sisters at ABC Carpet & Home at Union Square lol. 

I had the opportunity to attend Whitney Eve SS 13 (thanks People's Revolution for the invite) fringed dresses, sheer fabrics, and over-sized masculine blazers combined with natural elements in the prints brought a mix of tomboy meets girly girl.

The music of at the end fit very well with the collection 
"I love it by Icona Pop" it made me want to dance!

After Whitney Eve I ran across time to catch Eleven By Venus Williams (Thanks Harrison & Shriftman for the invite!)

The show was very unique but fitting featuring athletes wearing her clothing range on the runway. The runway was felt more like a sports arena, where there were bleachers as seats! 
Athletes wearing the collection also performed: yoga, cycling, tennis, boxing, gymnastics, and dance.  The athletes included former middleweight boxing champion Michael Olajide and dancer Mitchell Kelly. The sport's stars also wore trainers from top US fitness studios Soul Cycle and the Tracy Anderson Method.

Ryan Lochte made an appearance
A great show!
It's been swell NYFW see you February 2013, now on to NYC Comic con in 1 month!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kos' NYFW Diary #3: Joy Cioci/Alice + Olivia SS 13

The Little Mermaid meets Daisy Buchanan describes Joy Cioci's Spring 13 collection. The make up was stunning done by my favorite lip gloss brand NARS. A few of my favs:

Very proud of you Joy! 

End of the day I had the opportunity to attend Alice + Olivia's Spring 13 Presentation (thanks again Debbie!)  Attendee's were transported back to late 1950's: the vintage coca cola station, the color pallete of red, blue, and yellow,  brought us back to that optimism that we are (not to get into politics) are heading back to with this coming election. Intresting! Rhinestone encrusted bustiers and leather jackets put a modern touch on the retro inspired collection.
My favorite look from the presentation.

Very hectic days for me but so much fun, I am very grateful for these opportunities! I'm attending a few shows but I am also doing market appointments with fellow bloggers at my full time PR gig at Qi/Ainsley. It is great to talk to different members of the business, see their insight and tap into each other's creativity!