Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kos' NYFW Fall 13 Diary #5: Clover Canyon Fall 13

Voluminous skirts, original prints, and dresses with sculpted sleeves; were among the highlights of Clover Canyon’s Fall 2013 collection at Lincoln Center. Clover Canyon is designed and produced in Los Angeles. They are known for their eclectic prints that showing the joyful spirit of California.

The sweatshirt trend is not going away anytime soon, thank goodness!

The Fall 13 collection is an homage to Russia with lavish prints, crystal ballerina flats, and vivid colors. The design team was inspired by Imperial Russia referencing the country’s “extreme luxury, extreme ideals, extreme vastness and extreme passion”. This was apparent in the background of the Siberian plain and a Russian palace. 

A treat for all that attended was to see actual ballet dancers who stood en pointe throughout the presentation.

Sorry I've been mia it's been hectic, kind of over it but at least it's better to be hectic than not busy at all. Glad the weekend is almost here.



  1. What a show, like out of a fairytale... I'm more of a plane fabric girl but those patterns are awesome in their own way. Fab! xx

  2. Wow great pictures. Thank you for sharing this
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  3. Wow! These clothes are simply... stunning!


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  4. Such lovely pieces! I really like all of the embellishment, and those jewelled shoes! :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. This is so different and the fantasy and all

  6. Loveeee those toe shoes!

  7. absolutely stunning!
    thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog - i'm now following back xx

  8. the printssss, they are so amazing, and I really dig the ballet shoes in this collection.

  9. Wow I really love this collection - the prints are amazing!
    - Charlotte

  10. Man, I freaking love this collection. The mix of textures and patterns are just out of this world. I'm also pumped that the sweatshirt trend is here to stay.