Monday, December 23, 2013

My Archery Class Experience

I took an archery class with Hidden Gems Archery over the weekend and it was an amazing experience!

My instructors were really cool and helpful there is so much I learned in a short amount of time, there are are a few steps actually I learned that I wanted to share with you.

1. Stance 
Your stance serves as the foundation of your shot, providing you with stability, balance, and most importantly consistency. 
2. Nocking the Arrow 
This simply refers to placing the arrow ‘nock’ on the string. 

3. Gripping the String 
You will use your index, middle, and ring fingers when shooting. 
4. Mindset 
Taking a Zen moment to set an intention as to what you hope to accomplish, and eliminate all other thoughts and distractions. 
5. Drawing the String
With the rear shoulder blade set back, draw the string back to just below the chin keeping the drawing forearm and fingers as relaxed as possible without losing control of the arrow. 
6. Anchor 
Easily the most important part of the shot, you must use the same anchoring position every single time you shoot, allowing your head to be a reference point to help you aim. 
7. Aiming
With your mind clear, your face and upper body relaxed, gaze through your sights at the target down range. 
8. Release 
The release is accomplished by allowing the draw fingers to completely relax, letting the string slip forward. 

The experience again is not really one you can describe... I just wanted to stay shooting pretending I am one of the tributes in the Hunger Games or an Elf in Lord Of The Rings lol ... SERIOUSLY. It was very liberating!

It was great to give this Christmas gift to myself, I plan on doing more experiences like this in the future. Happy Holiday's everyone!

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