Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time for a Fantasy Comic Hero Team Draft

Hi guys! Happy Free Comic Book Day!! As you know I am a comic buff, been writing in and out my own comic book for the past few months now. I thought this would be fun, I always hear about fantasy football drafts. How about a Fantasy Comic Book Team draft? He he, here are my picks and why:

Phoenix- Yes PHOENIX not Jean Grey. She has substance; she made Jean Grey one of the strongest members of the team. She’ll flip a switch in a minute while the guys come in after she’s handled it.

Nightwing the Dick Grayson version- He’s the streetwise person of the team, with training from The Dark Knight but without the attitude. Always knows the best shortcuts and can flip his way out of a situation.

Black Panther- Swag from the motherland and he’s fine, Storm got herself a good man!

Catwoman- Nuff said and Phoenix needs a BFF to chat about the boys.

The Beast-The intellect with the strength of 20 men what a combination.

What are your picks guys?



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