Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jump for Joy

Jumpsuits always made me think of Elivis or vintage JLo (seriously remember the denim jumpsuit and the Timberland high heels smh bad fashion) I would flashback to the celebrity-impersonator classmates who roamed the my high school/college halls in bedazzled one-piece wonders.

I found my happy medium with this jumpsuit
(From Marshall's! Yes, Marshall's thanks mom!) 

I wore it last Tuesday meeting the lovely Candy Washington at Tribeca Grand's annual TECHTUESDAYS, this week it was sponsored by Instagram.

Me and Candy enjoying a drink

Where do you find your happy fashion medium? Do tell!



  1. I wish I could pull off a jumpsuit! It looks amazing on you! Definitely a fun look!

  2. such a cool post! loving your blog too! xx

  3. I bought my first two jumpsuits last week. I'm looking for very something comfortable when first trying out something new :)

    Best Wishes ♥
    Leonie Löwenherz
    - I'd be happy if you stop by on my blog