Monday, June 11, 2012

My new anti hero: Nora Gainsborough from True Blood

How awesome was yesterday's season premiere of True Blood? Walmart sweatsuits, Eric finally saying what a bunch of us gals wanted to say:  'F--- Sookie," Eric says. "Did you not hear her tonight? She rejected us both." Nice, Eric.

I was more focused on Bill & Eric than anything else in the season premiere since last season they killed Nan (she needed to go). It's cool to see their friendship develop.

Taken by Authority officials, Bill and Eric a in the trunk until, the two figure out a way to blow up the car. 

"Who wants to die first?" says the male kidnapper.
Apparently it was him, because the female kidnapper dispatches him rather violently.

"Nora," Eric says, runs up to the kidnapper and starts kissing her.
"Friend of yours?" Bill asks
"That's my sister, actually," Eric says.

We later learn that by "sister," Eric means that he and Nora had the same maker (Godric). They are a cute couple but it's still sort of creepy, especially since they have sex later as Bill keeps watch outside.

Eric says one of the best lines I heard all season when explaining his relationship to Nora to Bill "We fight like siblings, but we f--- like champions" 

I am really digging Nora she is the total opposite of Sookie something the show needed I think. She is so chic, thinks on her feet, and can roll with the big boys without needed to be saved ugh I love it. I found one of my comic con costumes, thanks Nora! Just need to get fangs, a fitted leather jacket :)

I won't spoil the first episode of season 5 too much, I am excited to see how this character develops along with the rest of the season.

What did you guys think of the season premiere?



  1. I liked the premier, but it went by so much of everything crammed into one hour. I was bummed. LOL My fave is I'm excited for next Sunday!

  2. I really need to start to watch this! I'm reading Twilight right now so I am loving vampires :)


  3. I loved it! But I'm mad that tara is still around! I cant stand her.

  4. I'm like 2 seasons behind - can't wait to catch up on True Blood!

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  5. I love True Blood!
    So excited for this season!

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  6. Love True Blood, but I'm so behind! Gotta catch up on Season 3! Following back!