Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Late Night Creativity

Hey guys!

How is the week treating ya? I just got back from vacation, work it pretty busy but a lot of amazing things happening! I'm am truly grateful to be part of what is coming up.

Also back to work means lack of sleep again lol ESP these next few weeks launching new seasons. I find myself more creative during these busy times and tonight was no exception.

I got the urge to do a new moodboard at 11:45pm. Yes, I have an early day tomorrow but I had to it, I had to! Lol!

Shows a mix of the fall trends I like, empowering words and comics! What more can a gal ask for? Below are the different angles.



  1. Going back to work is never an easy adjustment, especially sleep wise! I love your board!

  2. It always sucks to back to back after a vacation. You did a good job.

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  4. So freaking excited for comic book inspiration? (can you tell I'm already a massive geek?) I kind of love when bits of subcultures I adore filter into the mainstream because there's kind of that pride at being recognized and appreciated.