Thursday, September 6, 2012

NY Fashion Week: These Invites Have Style!

Hi everyone!

I'm sure you all are either at Fashion Night Out or finishing watching the Democratic Convention. I had a low key night catching up with an old friend from college. Oysters + Wine= Great times (post coming soon on this place!)

Low key nights for me are rare but great as tomorrow through the end of next week I will be super busy covering NYFW. A few invites I received are below, I hope I get each of them. 

I can't wait to share with all of you!!!


  1. Great invitations. Have fun watching these shows! :)

  2. So jealous you get to cover these awesome shows! And yes, the invites are so pretty =)
    - Che

  3. love the whitney eve one, enjoy the shows your so lucky xox

  4. Can't wait to experience everything you do :) very much looking forward to the whitney eve show.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog xx

  5. Nice blog and post! (;

    Maybe u wanna follow each other?
    If u wanna, let me know. xx

    Love, Jackffy

  6. super! I like your blog!

    I follow your blog) follow my too please))