Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bits & Bytes: Robot Art

I recently purchased an awesome piece of art for my office wall that is very fitting for my love of comic books/sci-fi.

The work is called Famous Robots by Daniel Nyari:

All my favorite robots, lol check out Bender from Futurama!
From top left across and down: T-800, Astro Boy, Vision, Bender, Brainiac, C3PO, Clank, Cyberman, Cylon,    Awesome-O, Gort, Rosie, Alpha, Voltron, EVE, Maschinenmensch, Optimus Prime, Wall-E, Wheatley, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Miles Monroe, HAL 9000, Iron Giant, Robby the Robot, Pneuman, R2D2, Sentinel, Asimo, H8,  Mega Man
The art print comes in a variety of sizes, I went with the mini size for my office wall:

The Famous Robots artwork also comes in a tote, two hoodies, and a tee

I am planning on getting the zip hoodie, I am in need of a new one :) 

The artwork I purchased is great for the home as well, have you recently purchased any interesting wall art? For more information please go to Society6/Daniel Nyari.



  1. It's definitely interesting, what a feature!

    Lea x

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  2. love the bag ;)
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  4. Supercool! and it comes in tote too?
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