Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Late Night Craving


I should be sleeping right now, since I have finished putting these curlers in my hair but I'm not. There are never enough hours in the day to check out the new stuff online! I went bananas when I spotted this Rachel Pally dress on ShopbopIt's has a cut-out back and the most perfect length.   Simple, understated, and of course, a little sexy. Everyone knows I love my maxi dresses!  I want to get this dress as a birthday gift to myself (it's in two weeks!).

I am still trying to narrow down the color I think it's between the black and the stripe. Thoughts on what color I should get?

Check out http://www.rachelpally.com/ her collection is the perfect staple for spring/summer and going away on vacation throughout the year, she caters to all sizes as well!. Ebay also has a great selection of older Rachel Pally styles.



  1. IMO black is great for every season. If you want something just for the summer though, the stripes are fab. The black, however, I feel, could be more easily dressed up depending on the occasion. GL with the choice though! They look like amazing dresses :D x

  2. i need that dress!! (ps i clicked on ur shopbop link and it just goes to the page). not sure if you intended on doing that but i surely found the dress! love both colors ahhhh! xO!


  3. Hi you have to go to the designer's tab and select Rachel Pally