Wednesday, August 7, 2013

X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga: A Kosi Must Read

The Dark Phoenix Saga is a classic X-men comic that is often reviewed as not only one of the best X-men stories ever written, but as one of the best comics ever written.  The series shows Jean Grey's fall from grace, as the dark force within her transforms her into the Dark Phoenix. 

To be honest, I actually first heard of the famous “The Dark Phoenix Saga” through an episode of the 90s X-Men cartoon series and that was probably my favorite episode of the entire series as a child. Coincidentally, one of my brother's had the original comic box all 9 issues in one! I was supposed to be studying for a math final but I read the comic instead lol and I was blown away.  The heart wrenching transformation of Jean Grey really takes the cake! As her powers began to corrupt her, Jean turns from the innocent Marvel Girl into the incredibly powerful Phoenix.  

This image isn't from the comic, but it is a famous picture showing what Jean Grey went through
This is one of the first major X-Men stories and despite it being over 30 years old, it does not disappoint. Be warned, it still retains some of the old style of comic book writing, such as where characters have to think and explain everything that is happening.

I love the fashion in the book, the leotard and the bodysuit were in full force:
Jean Grey as The Black Queen

The book introduces us to Kitty Pride, Dazzler, and Emma Frost. I loved the fashions in the book personally, their outfits were no exception:

Kitty Pryde
Emma Frost
The story has three main parts; first the X-men rescue Kitty Pryde and a few of their own from Emma Frost after they are kidnapped, two, the X-men battle the Hellfire Club, and the grand finale, the X-men battle Jean Grey herself, now Dark Phoenix. The ending of this book should not come as a surprise, but I still won't spoil it just in case you haven't read it.

I think a lot of women would enjoy the book even if they are not die hard fans like myself: the story of a woman struggling with the daily stress of keeping up appearances and losing control? Yes, in the Dark Phoenix Saga it is a little more excessive, personally I think a lot of women could relate to that and the need to wear a shiny bodysuit to be heard lol.

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