Monday, July 23, 2012

Snap Shot: July!!

Hey guys! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! I got some much needed R & R this weekend: Vintage shopping, pool, organic veggie burgers, brunch and I got to see The Dark Knight Rises to end it :)

Sunday Brunch: Current Elliot Jeans, Forever 21 Top, Marshall's Straw Hat
Doesn't this outfit remind you of that show White Collar? lol See below
I couldn't resist the hat reminded me of the last few episodes of this show!
Me at Loveday 31 this past Saturday as I  trying this beautiful top on, and yes I ended up buying it lol! Thanks Ivona for taking the picture!
They always have the best displays!
Vintage Summa Accessories!
Organic burgers and Blue Moons :) 
Taking a break at Break Billards :) A cool motto to live by!

How is everyone's July so far? 


  1. love your Sunday brunch outfit! I always see you in dresses, it's refreshing to see you in jeans :-)

    and I was just at bare burger too! I posted a pic on instagram!

  2. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I LOVE that butterfly top! You look stunning in it!

  3. Sounds like a good time... burgers and shopping!!
    Love your hat; very befitting to the outfit!

    XOXO Dana

  4. I love the third photo, that is such a beautiful top <3

    Lea x

  5. I love the first photo. Looking good girl

    I am following, please try to follow back via GFC at

  6. I love that shimmering top :) It's such a unique piece and I'm so glad for your wardrobe that you ended up getting it.