Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NY Comic Con 2011

Hey guys!

I went to NYC Comic Con Saturday 10/15, it was my first time going and it was AMAZING. I am definitely going all four days next year, there is so much to cover. I purchased a few T-Shirts, Comic Books, and Jewelry from Her Universe a new Star Wars women's apparel/accessories line.


A women's collection dedicated to Star Wars and Sci-fi! I found my new Go-To for Tees! I got a few pieces of their jewelry that I will feature in an upcoming post.

The energy at the Javits Center was refreshing, I usually go to the Javits Center for fashion trade shows,etc. It was nice going for something more lighthearted.

He was playing Yoda's theme from the Empire Strikes Back

Me getting my cowboy on

I brought the She Hulk dress lol wearing it to work on Halloween

Something for the guys lol





I need to brainstorm my outfits for next year, I highlighted the best of the best:




The Best Action Figures


The are three of my all time favorite female comic characters: Catwoman, Jean Grey, and Dark Phoenix


Can't wait for next year!


  1. Wow this looks really fun! I can't decide what to be this year!!!

  2. i totally wanna go to a comic con! look so awesome :) thanks for the follow, following you back!


  3. I've always wanted to go to one of these. It looks so fun from your pictures. I haven't really been into comics before but now a days it seems a lot better than some of the other things on the market. I love the older comics too.